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Stacey Doege

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M: 605-380-5165

Agent Team Members

  • Michael Roan

    P: 307-689-7269
    E: michael.roan47@gmail.com

  • Craig Ingram

    P: 551-697-7320
    E: craig@profitmax.co

  • Samuel Contreras

    P: 312-877-2137
    E: Samuel@profitmax.co

  • Janel Fuchs

    P: 701-833-5053
    E: janel@profitmax.co

  • Lisa Harvey

    P: 203-434-4983
    E: lisa@profitmax.co

  • Steve Odenthal

    P: 612-695-7057
    E: steve@the5starguy.com

  • Tracy Stevens

    P: 919-436-6832
    E: tracy.sfsc@gmail.com

  • Preet Gill

    P: 605-279-9094
    E: Preet@profitmax.co

Our Mission

To provide guidance and assistance for each client to help their business succeed – whether it is helping claim tax credits they may not have been aware they were eligible for, assisting with business valuation, advanced tax planning, and more. 

We are committed to:

Promptly responding

Proactive planning

Focusing on personalization

Listening to your specific needs

Having the best customer service

We're ready to work with you!

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