Tax Reduction Consulting & Strategy for Business Owners

Let us help you keep your cash.

Did you know 93% of business owners overpay their taxes?

Are you one of them?

Let us help you find out! The ProfitMax team is dedicated and focused full time on tax strategy, planning, consulting, and advanced tax credits to help you keep your cash. 

Self Employment Tax Credit

Helping the self-employed get every dollar they deserve.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) was designed by Congress to help support independent business owners (sole proprietors, freelancers, and gig workers) during the COVID pandemic.

The FFCRA puts cash back into the hands of the self-employed. It is NOT a loan; it is a refund of the taxes you already paid.

Why work with a tax strategist?

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Tax Strategy & Consulting

Tax is a big deal for business owners. The big surprise? Most businesses are paying too much.

Forbes says 93% of business owners pay more tax than they should. This isn't just a small mistake. It's like throwing away money that could help your business grow. Simply put, too many businesses pay too much tax – and we want to help you keep your cash!

Many businesses react to tax problems instead of planning for them, which leads to:

Big Tax Bills

Making money one year, then getting a huge tax bill the next.

Missed Savings

Not knowing about tax breaks means you pay more.

Money Problems

Surprise tax bills can hurt your business.

A New Way: Plan Ahead with ProfitMax

Let's work together to keep more of your money in your business.

Employer Retention Credit

The business landscape has seen its share of trials, and many businesses have felt the brunt.

From our comprehensive research, a whopping 93% of businesses are stressed and struggling with cashflow being diluted to cover their tax bills. Within this group of businesses, 96.7% of the owners shared that this result caused moderate to severe stress personally to themselves and to their families when compared to those who use a different approach.  

Sleepless Nights

A significant number of business owners found themselves awake at 3 AM, burdened by cash flow concerns, particularly during tax periods.

The Taxing Truth

A vast majority unknowingly paid taxes ranging from 34% to 71% more than they should have.

Growth Barriers

This wasn't just an overpaid tax; it represented stifled innovation, lost growth opportunities, and unrealized potential.

Is your business part of these staggering statistics?

If you're nodding in agreement, then the ERC Tax Credit might have been your lifeline.

Other Ways we can help you:

Consulting, Credits, Incentives

We are fully dedicated to helping business owners achieve their goals through our implementation of tax strategies and advisory services, including advanced tax planning, advanced estate planning, business valuation, fractional CFOs, process automation, 401k and more.

Our Mission

To provide guidance and assistance for each client to help their business succeed – whether it is helping claim tax credits they may not have been aware they were eligible for, assisting with business valuation, advanced tax planning, and more. 

Hear It From Our Clients

We have helped recover thousands for our small business clients with the Employer Retention Credit. Will you be next?

Hear from Steve at Ek Automotive in Chicago, IL about his experience with the ERTC.
Stacey Doege goes over the Employee Retention Tax Credit. She covers what it is, the myths about it, and answers our questions.
"This year, they have made it much MUCH easier to qualify. We've made it SO easy to apply. We just had a company with 9 employees receive $51,000 credit for one quarter. ... Don't miss out!" – Stacey Doege, ProfitMax
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