Tax Strategy & Planning

Polling shows that 36% of those asked would rather talk to their kids about sex than deal with taxes.

Would you agree?

Today people rely on their accountants, bookkeepers, tax preparers and investment advisors to do ONE THING.

Helping minimize how much tax is paid.

The problem with this is that almost all of these services only take place one time per year. 

Let's compare this to having an underlying medical issue caused by obesity. You go to the primary care doctor to find out you are overweight, and yet you never get assigned a coach to work with you daily or weekly in order to get you on track and keep you on track in a way that will make you healthy. This is why you end up staying obese and practice being unhealthy and simply never improve in a significant way. 

This is exactly the same way the majority of businesses handle their finances and taxes. There isn’t a coach working with them consistently to ensure planning, executing and maintaining proven strategies for the lowest tax exposure that is possible.  

Most business owners are using an old system that just doesn't work best.

The Old Way: Reacting to tax problems instead of planning for them.


of businesses are stressed and struggling with cashflow being diluted to cover their tax bills.


of owners shared that this result caused moderate to severe stress personally to themselves and to their families
A NEW, Different approach:

A ProfitMax Tax Strategist provides forward thinking strategies to help your business.

Believe it or not, the U.S. tax rules actually want to help businesses grow. They give special breaks to businesses that create jobs and help the economy. Big companies aren't the only ones who can get these breaks and we are here to help you.

ProfitMax can help you lower tax exposure over near and short terms by incorporating goals by legally and effectively using the tax codes and regulations to benefit your business.

If you are like most people we work with, you can agree with one of the following:

Big Tax Bill – Every Year.

93% of businesses have money problems because of big tax bills.

Let's Just Avoid It.

In a survey, people said they'd rather clean toilets in a prison than deal with taxes.

Tax is Confusing!

By the end of 2022, there were 6,871 pages of U.S. tax rules. That's a lot to know!

ProfitMax Can Help You Save

Your money should help your business, not go to taxes you don't need to pay. ProfitMax believes in planning ahead with taxes to save you money. Let's work together to keep more of your money in your business.

Our Services

  • Business Growth

    Business Valuation • CFO Fractional Service • Coaching

  • Estate Planning

    Will/Trust • Durable Power of Attorney • Beneficiary Designations • Healthcare Power of Attorney • Guardianship Designations

  • Tax Services

    Bookkeeping • Personal & Business Tax Returns

  • Advanced Tax Credits

    ERC Tax Credit • Self-Employed Credit

  • Tax Planning

    Discovery • Assessment • Review

  • Tax Reduction Strategies

    412(e)3 / DB Plans • Enterprise Risk Management • Accelerated Property Depreciation

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Are you part of the 93% who overpay?

Schedule a free discovery call TODAY to find out how you can become one of the 7% who only pay their fair share in taxes.

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